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St Peter’s Church


Welcome to St. Peter’s Church – past and  present


A church on this site has existed since 1059, when Welford was given by Sweyn, Earl of Gloucester, to the Saxon priory of Deer Hurst (on the Severn below Tewksbury). Monks from Deerhurst built a small church on the present site of Welford Church. All that remains of that Church is the bowl of the font. Between 1100 and 1170 a Norman Church was built to repalce the Saxon one. After the Hundred Years War (1336 – 1441) St Peter’s passed to the Abbey of Tewksbury and the Benedictine monks restored the Church and rebuilt the chancel with its perpendicular decorated Gothic windows. The windows in the north and south aisles were replaced with pews and the two galleries were added.

Some Key Features

THE SCREEN: replaces one removed in the 16th or 17th century. It is a copy made in the 1920’s of a Benedictine screen carved by Joseph Northcott of Bearworthy in Devon.

EAST WINDOW AND CHANCEL: the window dates from 1924 and was made by a well-known artist: Geoffrey Webb. The chancel was refurbished with the carved oak choir stalls and organ was installed.

BELLS: Welford has always been noted for its bell ringing. Tradition has it that Welford bells rang out at the victory of the battle of Crecy in 1346. There is now a peal of eight.

LICH GATE: (Old spelling!) is a favourite subject for artists, painters, and photographers. It is a replica of the one built at the end of the 1300’s.

St. Peter’s, Welford and All Saints, Weston are part of the Avonvale Benefice Group of Churches along with St. Swithin’s, Quinton, St. James the Great, Long Marston and Meon Vale Church

Following interviews in July we are delighted that we will be welcoming the Revd. Jay Niblett as our new rector on 2nd October 2023.

Church Services in Welford and Weston:

All are welcome. Our usual monthly pattern of services is as follows. Please check notices on the Welford Parish Council website and in St. Peter’s Church Porch for seasonal variations.


  • 1st Sunday – Family communion for all ages starting at 10.30am, followed by light refreshments
  • 2nd Sunday – ‘Open Doors’ informal worship starting with refreshments at 10.30am
  • 3rd Sunday – Holy Communion starting at 10.30am followed by light refreshments
  • 4th Sunday – ‘Messy Church’ for families starting at 4.00pm with Bible celebration, music and crafts followed by tea
  • 5th Sunday – Holy Communion starting at 10.30 am at one of the four parish churches in the Avonvale group


  • 1st Sunday – No Service
  • 2nd Sunday – Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer starting at 9.00am
  • 3rd Sunday – No Service
  • 4th Sunday -Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer starting at 9.00am
  • 5th Sunday – Holy Communion starting at 10.30am at one of the four parish churches in the Rivervale group

Contact us: Please contact one of the people below if you would like to find out more.

Ian Grundy (Churchwarden – St. Peter’s, Welford) 07714 797771
Kate Shilvock (Churchwarden – St. Peter’s, Welford) 07947 061452
Richard Bluck (Churchwarden – All Saints’, Weston)
01789 750688
Revd Yvette Grundy (Permanent Deacon) 01789 750006

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