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The Parish Council is made up of seven Councillors supported by the Parish Clerk. Its main objective is to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the village and to this end is required to address a wide range of matters. The major recurring topics are allocated to individual councillors as portfolios and are shown below.

All Parish Councillors are automatically members of the Planning Committee which is chaired by Councillor Jamie Hockaday

You can contact the Parish Council using the following email address :

The Parish Councillors

Simon Carter : Chair, Welford Matters Liaison, Welford Sports Club Trustee

Jamie Hockaday : Deputy Chair, Planning, NDP, Enforcement, CIL & SDC planning liaison

Martin Lake : Financial matters, audit, annual accounts, finance process, contracts & procedures

Martyn Stanley : Village maintenance – Grit Bins, Notice Boards, Gateways, Synder Meadow, Millennium Trust PC rep, Annual Parish Mtg team

Robert Brown :  Rights of Way, Footpaths including pavements, Cress Hill & PC land management, Annual Parish Mtg lead

Neal Appleton : Website, Publicity, Community liaison, Traffic issues, VoEFQP, Highways matters, School playing field and playground equipment

Debbie Jones : Flood Action Group, Remembrance Day, Defibrillators, School liaison

Iona Wibberley : Parish Council Clerk, Responsible Finance Officer

The clerk is the Proper Officer of the Parish Council and has responsibility for ensuring that the instructions of the Parish Council, in connection with its function as a Local Authority, are carried out.

Additional Support –

Alice Wynn-Edwards (External Auditor)

Colin Winston (Parish Website Manager)