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Shorthouse Bidston Allotment Trust

Headland Road Allotments
Now in our 75th year, the Allotment Trust was set up during the War to enable local people to “grow their own”. It still thrives today on the excellent and productive soil of the land in Headland Road (next to the school).

The Trust Committee consists of five volunteers, who are responsible for the smooth running of the Allotments. They have authority to devise and update a Tenancy Agreement as and when the need arises, and all tenants sign this agreement when they take over a plot.

Plots of varying size, to suit all needs, are available to rent at a very reasonable cost on an annual basis. It is incumbent on tenants, as part of the agreement, that their plot be kept tidy and as weed-free as is reasonable. Large equipment, such as a rotovator and a strimmer is available for use by tenants. Water is provided at three points along the central roadway.

Small sheds are allowed to be placed on the perimeter of the Allotments, subject to approval by the Trustees: there are guidelines set down on the Tenancy Agreement on this. In addition, chickens will also be allowed on specific areas of the site, again subject to the approval of the Trustees.

Growing your own” is a very healthy and enjoyable activity: we are a sociable crowd down on the Allotments. There is advice and sharing of produce aplenty! Why not come along and have a look?

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