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Alcester South SNT Update

Welford Incidents
  • Vehicle Crime – Interference. Car park, Binton Road. Damage caused to doors on works van, probably with the intention to gain entry. This was not achieved. Reported 29th September. 0099 29/09/2020
  • Suspicious Circumstances. Samantha Close. Male seen knocking on door to house, but then left trying not to be seen. He went and got into the passenger side of a large dark coloured car parked nearby. Described as a white male, fair hair, wearing a beige jumper and blue jeans. 6.30pm Monday 28th September. 0348 28/09/2020 No offences disclosed.

Warwickshire Police is committed to playing our part in reducing the transmission of COVID-19.

Preventing the spread of the virus is a shared effort in which we will continue to play a critical role alongside health colleagues, Government, businesses, local authorities and our communities.

Under the new rules, people may not participate in social gatherings, in any place, in groups of more than 6.  These rules apply across England, to all ages, to gatherings indoors and outdoors, in private homes, public outdoor spaces and venues such as pubs and restaurants, and these rules replace all previous regulations.

  • The rules are clear and we all have a personal responsibility for following them to help stop of the spread of this deadly virus.
  • The vast majority of the public have followed the restrictions so far, making sacrifices to do so. We expect people will also take the new regulations seriously to protect themselves and their friends and family.
  • Our approach to the new regulations will be to continue engaging, explaining and encouraging people to follow the rules.
  • We will disperse groups of over six and issue fines to those who refuse to comply.
  • In most situations, police officers can resolve breaches without having to issue a fine. Where people just won’t listen, and are putting everyone at risk, we will take enforcement action.
  • We will ensure we pay particular attention to those who regularly flout the rules and those areas where we are seeing the greatest numbers of COVID-19 cases.
  • The force is particularly busy at this time and we ask that the public support us in this focus and where possible report breaches via our website (
  • Possible breaches of the Covid rules can be reported to us via our online reporting form.

Crime Prevention Advice – Leaving your home checklist

Whenever you go out, it’s important to leave your home secure. Getting into an ‘exit routine’ can help ensure that you don’t forget obvious, but important things, like not leaving your valuables near windows, or no lights on if it will be dark before you get home. Here’s our quick reminder on what to do just before you go out.

Become a creature of habit – Try to get into the habit of following your own course of action when you lock up your home. This will ensure that you don’t forget anything.

Here’s what we recommend you do before you go out:

  • close and lock all your doors and windows, even if you’re only going out for a few minutes
  • double-lock any door
  • make sure that any valuables are out of sight
  • keep handbags away from the letterbox or cat flap and hide all keys including car keys, as a thief could hook keys or valuables through even a small opening
  • never leave car documents or ID in obvious places such as kitchens or hallways
  • in the evening, shut the curtains and leave lights on
  • if you’re out all day, then it’s advisable to use a timer device to automatically turn lights and a radio on at night
  • set your burglar alarm. An alarm that is able to notify you of any problems is always recommended.
  • make sure the side gate is locked
  • lock your shed or garage
  • lock your bike inside a secure shed or garage, to a robust fitting bolted to the ground or wall, like a ground anchor

Going away? – Here are five tips to help you keep your home and belongings stay safe while you’re away:

1.if you’re off on holiday and wish to post anything on social media, make sure your posts aren’t public and that they’re only seen by your friends

2.leave lights and a radio on a timer to make the property appear occupied

3.get a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property or join a Neighbourhood or resident Watch Scheme

4.consider asking your neighbours to close curtains after dark and to park on your drive

5.remember to cancel newspaper and milk deliveries

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