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Alcester South SNT Update

Door to Door Sellers – “Nottingham Knockers”

We have had several reports this week of men going door to door, trying to sell items from holdalls. Here is some information about this type of call.

  • It is believed that this type of door to door selling originated in the Nottingham area and the name has stuck.
  • It is unlikely that they are part of any prison or young offenders rehabilitation scheme. If they are, they will have official identification and will be happy to produce it.
  • They should carry a Pedlars Certificate issued by the police area they live in. This certificate should be produced on request.
  • They join groups of other sellers and are given the low cost items to sell by a ‘group organiser’ who will drive them around the country.
  • They are allowed to keep any money raised over the actual cost of the items and this is why the prices are usually much higher than they should be.
  • This need to sell cheap items at high prices can lead to them pressurising residents. Unfortunately this sometimes means the vulnerable are targeted, as they will often buy something out of goodwill or in order to move the seller on quicker.
  • It is possible that in some cases reported around the country a small minority of sellers will use the opportunity to check out premises and people for future burglary and theft offences.
  • If you have a seller at your door and you feel that they are not complying with the law or they are acting suspiciously then call the police straight away on 101 to report.
  • There are legitimate representatives that go door to door taking orders for new windows and building work etc.
  • Put a sign on or near to your door saying that door to door sellers are not welcome. If in doubt, do not answer the door. Consider using a video doorbell to monitor any callers.

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