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Alcester South SNT Update

Welford Incidents
  • Theft. Barton Road. Diesel Wacker plate stolen from building compound. Between 9th & 12th October. 0193 19/10/2020
  • Suspicious Circumstances. Hunt Hall Lane. Secure vehicle tampered with on private land. Nothing believed damaged or stolen at the time of the report. Between 30th & 31st October. 0490 31/10/2020
  • Theft. Binton Road. Four traffic dome shaped cctv units stolen. Between 28th & 29th October. 0216 30/10/2020
  • Vehicle Crime. Car park, Long Marston Road. Purse and bank cards stolen from car. Cards then used a couple of times before they were cancelled. Reported Thursday 29th October. 0308 29/10/2020

Vehicle Crime

There are a number of offences in the report this week relating to vehicles being entered and items stolen. Some of these in particular relate to cars that have been left by walkers / dog walkers in rural car parks.

  • Always lock your vehicle. Whether it’s in the garage, on the driveway of your house, unattended for a few seconds or in an isolated car park, lock it and activate any alarm system.
  • Always remove valuable items from the vehicle. If this cannot be done the items must be removed from view and secured in a glove box or boot.
  • Fit an alarm that will activate on movement in the vehicle. An alarm that can notify you in real time that there is a problem is extremely useful.
  • Items such as tools and machinery that cannot be removed can be secured in lockers and security marked with high visibility paint etc.
  • If available, park your vehicle in a location that is covered by CCTV, overlooked by houses or is in constant use.
  • Use anti-theft screws and sticky pads for number plates. If you have a plate that is stolen, replace it with one that has a different design so it is distinguishable from the stolen plate.
  • If you see or hear any suspicious activity around a car or car park, ring 101 to report straight away.
  • For further advice visit –

Bonfire Night – Remember! Remember!

As well as the advice below, please follow the current government covid regulations.

  • ✗ It is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under 18 years of age. Maximum penalty of £5000 and/or six months in prison.
  • ✗ It is illegal to set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am (Bonfire night extended until 12 midnight).
  • ✗ It is illegal to let off any firework in a public place and this carries a fine of up to £5000. Police may also issue an £90 Fixed Penalty Notice.
  • ✗ All fireworks sold to the public must comply to British Safety Standard BS 7114.
  • ✗ The police have the power to stop and search anyone suspected of carrying fireworks.
  • ✗ The sale of banger, mini rockets, fireworks that fly erratically (squibs, helicopters etc), aerial shells and maroons is illegal.
  • ✗ Irresponsible use of fireworks can damage property, cause injury, scare people (particularly the elderly) and frighten animals.
  • v  For advice on how to keep you pets safe during Bonfire night, visit the RSPCA page here –


From the 5th November we will be under the guidance of further restrictions. Please follow the government guidance which can be found here –

Breaches of the covid laws can be reported to us, using this online form –

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