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Alcester South SNT Update

Welford Incidents
  • Vehicle Crime – Theft from. Pub car park, Binton Road. Secure works Ford Ranger broken into and items stolen including boots and clothes. Between 8.40pm and 9pm Thursday 29th November. 0423 29/11/2018

The Team welcomes PCSO 6030 Finley Moore

Fin recently joined Warwickshire Police, having previously worked within the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer for 6 years. He is looking forward to both his role as a PCSO with the SNT based at Alcester , and especially the interaction with members of the community helping to ensure a safer neighbourhood. He has future aspirations of becoming a Regular Police Officer.

Vehicle Theft – Defrosting vehicles

Please do not defrost your vehicle by starting the vehicle and then leaving it unlocked and running. If you do, you are running a serious risk of the vehicle being stolen by thieves who go around the area looking for an easy and vulnerable target. If this happens, your insurance company may not pay out for the vehicle when stolen. With the onset of the colder weather, darker nights and frosty mornings comes the need to defrost motor vehicles before use. Drivers become relaxed and complacent but there is a need to be aware of the risks and dangers involved. Drivers may only pop back into the house to make a drink, they may have CCTV installed at the property or even stand inside the house looking out of the window at the vehicle. However, it only takes seconds for thieves to run up to the vehicle, jump in it and drive it away before the driver can do anything to stop them.

  • Motorists should check the weather forecasts and allow adequate time to defrost a motor vehicle whilst they are sitting inside it. Use covers or garages where possible the night before. For added safety and security ensure doors are locked even when the vehicle is occupied and defrosting.
  • Remember! BEFORE driving on the public highway the windscreen and side windows should be fully clear of frost so adequate visibility is available for the driver.
  • It is an offence to drive a motor vehicle on the public highway with inadequate visibility. Likewise, it is also an offence to leave a motor vehicle on a public road with the engine running and unattended.
  • If you see or know a friend, neighbour, or relative who defrosts their vehicle by starting the vehicle and then leaving it unlocked and running. Please pass on this message:

By taking simple and sensible measures we can all help reduce crime.

Number Plate Thefts

We have experiencing a number of thefts of vehicle number plates. Criminals will often use stolen number plates (also known as VRM’s – Vehicle Registration Marks) to attach to their own vehicles or stolen vehicles in order to help them commit additional crimes and evade identification. Please consider replacing your number plate screws with “clutch head” / Anti-Theft screws which will prevent criminals from stealing them. If your vehicle does not utilise screws in order to fasten the plate to your vehicle you may be more likely to become the victim of this type of crime as these types of VRM’s are often only secured by double sided sticky tabs and can be removed relatively easily. In these instances please consider seeking suitable technical assistance from a professional in order to find an alternative method of securing your registration plates to your vehicle.

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