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Alcester South SNT Update

Welford Incidents
  • Theft. High Street. Pedal cycle taken from outside shop. Three males (aged 16 – 17 years) were seen to walk off with the bike which also had the owners iPhone attached to it. The bike is described as a Black Boardman T Carbon, with yellow highlights, continental tyres and schmono brakes. 12 midday Sunday 11th March. 0228 11/03/2018

Alcester & Bidford Community Forum Police Priorities Poll

The results. Thank you to all those that voted online. The three suggestions with the most votes will be adopted by the Team as Priorities for the next three months. These extra patrols are above any of the normal day to day work carried out by the Team. The top three are:-

  1. Alcester South –      Patrols to deter residential and business burglaries.
  2. Bidford Area –          Patrols to deter and deal with ASB use of motor vehicles.
  3. Alcester South –      Patrols to deter vehicle crime.

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Welford on Avon traffic safety questionnaire