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Alcester South SNT Update

Local Incidents
  • Found Stolen Vehicle. Near to Social Club, Binton. White Peugeot Panel Van found at scene with broken window. Confirmed as stolen. 8am Saturday 1st April. 0109 01/04/2017
  • *Burglary Residential, Quineys Leys, Welford. Offender(s) have smashed a kitchen window and have gained access to house. Items stolen including two iPads. Daytime Wednesday 29th March. 0351 29/03/2017
Reporting incidents to the Police
 We have seen a number of incidents this week where it has taken hours or even days after the event before its been reported to us. We always advise that if you see something happening that you call us straight away using the 101 or 999 numbers as appropriate. This gives us a better chance to either catch those involved near to the area or to instigate checks and further enquiries straight away.

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