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Alcester South SNT Update

Welford Incidents
  • Suspicious Circumstances. Quineys Lane. Man seen to go to house and ask about doing work on the guttering. A Black Vauxhall Corsa was also seen in the Lane acting suspiciously. Not sure if the two were connected. The registration number of the Corsa ended in ‘FKT’. No offences disclosed at the time. Daytime, Friday 19th July. 0219 19/07/2019

Wheelie Bin Thefts

We have a few wheelie bins reported stolen every week on our area. If you find that your bin is missing, check with your neighbours first in case they have collected in the wrong bin. Secondly check with the Council to see if the bin was accidentally crushed or damaged by the collection vehicle. If after making these enquiries you can report it stolen to us by using 101 or our online reporting system.

A few crime prevention tips for your bins –

  • Mark the bins with your house number and postcode. Council guidelines say that you can mark the bins to personalise them as long as the markings do not interfere with the collections.
  • Only put them out as close to the collection time as possible. Then retrieve them as soon as possible afterwards. If you are not at home ask a neighbour to bring them in for you or if you see a neighbours bin left out do the same for them.
  • When not out for collection secure your bins together or to a fixed object. This also deters criminals using the bins as ways to get over fences and gates or to use to transport stolen items away from a premises.

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