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Alcester South SNT Update

Welford Incidents
  • Attempt Burglary Residential. Headland Road. Offenders have tried to force entry through side door to house, but this has made a dog bark warning the occupants. A small sized car was then see to leave the area at speed. 4.30am Thursday 3rd May. 0111 03/05/2018

Wheelie Bins Thefts

We still get reports of wheelie bins being stolen on our area, on an almost weekly basis. Please be aware that wheelie bins can be used by burglars as climbing aid to help gain access to your property. Make sure your wheelie bins are out of sight of burglars. Store or secure it away until collection day. Did you know that wheelie bins can be used in the following ways by criminals:

  • As a climbing aid to help them gain access to your property… Would be burglars can move unsecure wheelie bins to climb on top of. Helping them scale your garden wall or fence.
  • As an indicator as to whether or not you are at home… Wheelie bins left out in the street can be an indication that you have not yet returned home from work. Consider asking a trusted neighbour if they would be kind enough to collect your wheelie bins from off the side of the road after they have been emptied.
  • As a removal aid to help take the items away that they have stolen… Burglars and thieves can use any insecure and accessible wheelie bins as a carrying cart to take away any items they have stolen from your property.
  • To find out information about you…Criminals can search through your wheelie bins looking for any personal information which may be contained in discarded letters and documents. This information can then be used to aid in identity theft. Ensure you destroy all discarded personal documentation, ideally by shredding it.
  • To start small fires… Criminals and vandals can use wheelie bins to help set small fires which can easily spread out of control and cause damage to your property and in extreme cases endanger life.

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