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Alcester South SNT Update

Welford Incidents
  • Suspicious Circumstances. Binton Road. Five males seen acting suspiciously in the area. They were seen to go into the wooded area with dogs, possibly to go rabbiting. They were in a vehicle parked nearby. 3.30pm Thursday 17th October. 0264 17/10/2019

Theft of number plates

Unfortunately the theft of number plates is a regular occurrence across our area and the country as a whole. They are re-used by criminals in order to ‘disguise’ vehicles. They can then travel around without being detected by the authorities or members of the public. There are a number of things that car owners can do to prevent or hinder the theft of their own number plates:-

  • Anti-Theft Screws – These can only be removed by special tools once fitted. This will hinder any attempts of theft using normal tools.
  • Strong double sided tape  / Glue – This will fix the majority of the plate to the body work of the car and will often cause the plate to snap if forced off.
  • Anti-Theft Plates – These are made so they will break apart if removed from the car with force.
  • Check they are still there – A quick check to make sure the plates are still there before and after use will make sure that if they are stolen you can report to the police as soon as possible.

Have a safe Halloween

  • Adults should always accompany children when trick or treating – Young people should never go trick or treating alone.
  • Do not knock on the doors of strangers – only go to people you know. Never go into a stranger’s house.
  • Always keep to well-lit areas.
  • Wear bright clothing and always carry a torch.
  • Remember road safety.
  • Unless pre-arranged, do not visit elderly members of the community.
  • Be careful not to frighten vulnerable people.
  • Keep your tricks within the law – anything that results in damage is an offence and will be dealt with as such.
  • Do not visit those houses that have the ‘No trick or treating’ poster on show.
  • Those houses that are taking part in Halloween usually have the front of their premises decorated.

For  details of Have a Safe Halloween Poster see Have a Safe Halloween

For details of No Trick or Treat Poster see Halloween no trick or treat

Fireworks safety

Fireworks are great fun but it is important to remember that they can also cause distress and injuries if not handled properly. If you are using fireworks at home simply follow our guidelines to ensure you have a safe but fun bonfire night.

  • •Only buy fireworks from a legitimate retailer.
  • •It is illegal to supply fireworks to persons under the age of 18.
  • •Shops are not allowed to sell fireworks louder than 120 decibels.
  • •It is an offence for under 18’s to have fireworks in a public place.
  • •You should never throw or set off a firework in the street, onto a road or in a public place.
  • •You’re not allowed to set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am except on Bonfire night whereby the curfew is midnight to 7am. New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, curfew is 1am.
  • •Anyone caught causing a nuisance with fireworks will receive an instant fine of £80 and any fireworks found on a person under 18 will be confiscated.
  • •Never use any kind of accelerant i.e. petrol to start a bonfire.
  • •Always inform your neighbours if you are using fireworks and be considerate.
  • •Ensure your fireworks comply with British Standard 7114 or the European equivalents.
  • •Remember, if you break the law on fireworks you could be sent to prison for up to six months or your parents or carers could receive a fine.

You can only buy fireworks (including sparklers) from registered sellers for private use on these dates:

  • •15 October – 10 November
  • •26 – 31 December
  • •3 days before Diwali and Chinese New Year

For details of Fireworks and Animal Safety Poster see Fireworks and animals

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