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Theft of Catalytic converters
There have been a number of incidents around Warwickshire and bordering forces where Catalytic Converters have been stolen from vehicles. In many of the cases the offender(s) have pulled up next to the vehicle they want to steal from, removing the converter in a matter of minutes, before driving off again. Sometimes in daylight.

Here are a few preventative measures that can be taken to protect and hinder further thefts:-

  • · Park vehicles so as to prevent access underneath. For example up against walls, hedges and buildings.
  • · Mark catalytic converters with a serial number. Stickers can also be purchased for vehicle windows warning that the Converter has been marked.
  • · Ask a garage to weld the bolts. Always obtain professional advice before doing this as it may permanently damage or affect the converter.
  • · Fit a Lock / CatLock. Some Converters can be fitted with a lock / device that protects the vulnerable parts from attack.
  • · Install security camera(s). Working cameras that record footage can identify an offender and their vehicle for a future investigation. A camera that also alerts you of movement in real-time is much better.
  • · Park in well-lit & busy areas. This type of crime is likely to be opportunist, so the offender will be looking for an area they can operate in without being disturbed.
  • · Install alarm(s). An alarm can bring unwanted attention for the offender, so will be a deterrent when activated. An alarm system that also notifies you direct is better.
  • · CatClamp. The CatClamp ‘clamps’ to the exhaust pipes, not the converter, allowing different sized and shaped converters to be protected. It will hinder any attempt to remove the converter.
  • · Store your vehicle off road. A vehicle that is in a secure area like a garage will be better protected.
  • · Be vigilant. The Offender may drive past or at least stand by a vehicle for a few seconds before attempting a theft.
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