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Welford Parish Council Traffic Safety Questionnaire 2024

Mad about the volume of traffic in our village? Losing sleep from the noise of speeding vehicles? Now is your chance to have your say.

The village traffic safety questionnaire is a survey of your opinion of traffic within our village. It is open from Good Friday until the end of May 2024, (29 March – 27 May 2024).

The survey is online, at this web address »

Paper versions can be requested from the Parish Clerk » 07715 211340 or
or downloaded and printed »Welford Parish Council Questionnaire


When speaking to residents around the village, a range of views about traffic emerge. Opinion ranges from indifference; “It’s not that bad”, to benign acceptance; “I don’t like it, but what can we do about it”, to complete outrage.

The Parish Council has engaged with Warwickshire County Council on this topic. Our aim? To secure traffic control measures to improve the lives of village residents. The survey is your chance to engage and inform this conversation. The Parish Council are very keen to hear your views and to champion your priorities.

So, put on the kettle, sit down with a cup of tea (and a cake, if that’s your thing) and let us know what you think »

The Parish Council has compiled a list of traffic calming measures. It is by no means exhaustive, and not all options are suitable for Welford. However, it makes for a light read while you have your tea, and may help you complete the survey.
It can be downloaded here » Traffic calming measures



Welford on Avon traffic safety questionnaire