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Stratford District Time Bank

My name is Sarah Coxall and I am the Time Broker for Stratford District Time Bank.  I wanted to reach out to the parish councils in Stratford District to let you know about TImeBanking.  TimeBanking is a reciprocal volunteer scheme that enables its members to bank time using their own skills or strengths and then they can withdraw that time to utilise the skills or strengths of other members.  Time Banking is designed to help reconnect communities and to rebuild that neighbourly support that communities used to have.  Our members can offer or request anything that another person might feel useful.  It can be help with day to day tasks or more specialist skills.  I would welcome the chance to attend your next meeting to tell you more about the Time Bank.  I would also be extremely grateful if you could include something about the Time Bank in your parish magazine if you have one.  The more members we can access in each area of Stratford district the stronger the Time Bank will be.  If you have any questions, then please email me at or call on 07419373680.

Thank you

Sarah Coxall

Time Broker

Stratford Time Bank

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