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WCC Community Engagement Roadshows

Warwickshire County Council are organising a series of Community Engagement Roadshows to inform people about the new Council Plan 2025. The Stratford Roadshow is on 24th Oct at Morrisons, 10.30-12.30. There is also a questionnaire that they would like people to fill in (closes 20th Oct) – either on-line here or at one of the roadshows

“We are focused on the future and want to set out our plans for the next five years. What are our objectives, how do we prioritise our actions, and how will we fund them? We also welcome your suggestions about specific things we should do to deliver our objectives and achieve our three priority outcomes.

It’s important for us to know if what we are planning is important to you. Where would you prioritise the council’s work? Should we be spending more on certain services? Are there areas where you think we could spend less in order to afford to do this?

We want to know what you think, and we want your views to inform our five-year plan. Over the coming weeks please do engage with us, respond to our questionnaire, and talk to us at one of our October roadshows.”

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